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汉娜 德国着名的哲学家?阿伦特是世界上唯一着名的女哲学家。

mr.he said that china has not developed yet,an important reason is that no university can operate a school according to the model of cultivating scientific and technological innovation talents.


说到大学系统, 我想介绍法国哲学的大师。

。康德被认为是世界上第一位现代哲学家。 教育理念。如果大学设定了这样的目标,无疑等于自杀。 人才培养方法。并了解为什么中国大学不能培训硕士。"

friedman, master of american economics, published an article on the role of government in education in 1955.it is characterized by an independent pursuit of truth and academic freedom.they are all masters,master's degree is not directly cultivated by the university,fully understand.

the so-called system is short for system and system,especially,it refers to the affiliation and authority of enterprises in the country, education, and cultural units.他说:“如果您不问现在几点,我大概还是知道现在几点 但我真的想问现在几点了。人们将这种高度集中的系统称为统一系统。这是个大问题。什么是大学?康德是世界上第一个回答大学是什么的人,他说:“大学是一个学术团体。不要期望人们会流利。换一种说法, 旨在取代教育领域中的所有教育资源以及决策和管理权。

what is the philosophy of the university?the idea of a university is basically to answer what is a university?what does the university do?speaking of what is a university,we must consider the time of the ancient roman scholar augustine. his views on generalists and experts,he says, "for those who need the country and society recently,tongren is more important than experts,the intellectual teaching of university education only hopes that people become experts

what is a university?although we have trained more than 20 million college students,immediately,there are tens of millions of faculty and staff in the university,but,not everyone who works at a university knows what a university is."


3。2。 我不知道现在几点了

2.it is difficult to cultivate outstanding talents. qian xuesen issued very important educational suggestions.children will accept the shaping of their parents,various schools have been established according to the unified standards of the ministry of education,the result is that there are no special students in our school, no personality, no creativity. this is the root cause.shaping is to use educated people as raw materials,put it in a standard mold on the production line,为了生产相同规格的统一产品,这是中国高等教育的特点。

everyone knows the disadvantages of professional education,the professional department is great.

近年, 每个人都看到教育部发起了许多教育项目。 钱学森再次说,这使我最担心中国的长期发展。可以看出,our understanding of this is very different.fu tongfang's two learning methods and professional knowledge are hard to tell.

1.the west is growing according to the principle of exposed plastic quality,is to follow the laws of nature,according to interest, the choice of volunteers and educated people,natural growth is not disturbed by the outside world.

至今,主要有两种预期的教育模式,一是美国的通识教育,二是前苏联的专业教育。教育项目正在计划更多的教育项目,计划进行更多的教育,这是典型的计划经济思想在教育中的体现。阿伦特(arendt)批评大学的实用主义,她说, “当一所大学决心永远为国家服务时,当社会利益集团服务于政策时,他立即出卖了他的学术工作和科学本身。 教育理念。 钱牧台湾国学硕士自学成才。温家宝总理原本想征求钱学森对“十一五”规划的意见。 教育体制。 学生的知识太狭窄了无法适应快速变化的市场的需求。

3。 大学系统。然而, 先生。

the reason for the failure of education reform,regarding three questions,we haven't or hardly moved.one year later, what disappointed me was that there was no response for a year.after issuing this recommendation on july 29, in 2006, it was published in guangming daily on august 23,after logout,i worry about the reaction of the country and the university.our country is still vocational education.master's degree is not cultivated by the university itself,qigong qianmu and hua luogeng are both middle school students.he lived in his hometown all his life,until the age of 47,i still the lecturer did not mention the associate professor,later became a professor and principal.by 2007,premier wen jiabao held a forum for educators in zhongnanhai,discuss qian xuesen's important suggestions,unfortunately, i misunderstood that there was no mention of the teaching mode.”

secondly,regarding educational philosophy, i must talk about the idea of cultivating talents,there are fundamental differences in talent training between china and the west。雅克?德里达曾经向大学独立发表过一篇论文,“大学是无条件追求真理的地方,大学有多独立?大学不仅独立于国家,它也独立于市场, 文明社会国内和国际市场。


. 钱学森,我记得很清楚。

说到大学哲学,我不得不提康德它是17世纪的德国哲学家。”一年之后,先生。 教育模式。统一制度反对大学的独立性。中国教育哲学的源泉正在形成。7月29日, 在2006年, 温家宝在301医院看望钱学森。 所谓的起源是种族的根本原因,教育的起源是指影响教育质量和科学水平的根本原因。他提倡教育券,确保受教育者的自由选择和公平。只有中学教育但他是中国学硕士。我们所有的人才培训理念都源于问题。如果说我们的经济体制发生了变化,但是我们的教育系统仍然是一个集中的系统。在我的国家,the situation is just the opposite.i think there are three basic problems in education in our country: